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APP Sp. z o.o.

About us

For more than 15 years we provide technical maintenance of commercial buildings, guaranteeing our clients comfort and safety in their workplace.

We employ a qualified workforce, with all necessary permissions and certificates to do the jobs they are entrusted. We direct our services at both owners of buildings as well as tenants, with a complete consistent offer for both groups. We are responsible for the complete maintenance of Business Garden Warsaw and SwedeCenter among others.



m2 serviced office space


years of experience


satisfied business customers


Range of services offered

Constant technical maintenance of the building
Our staff of technicians is ready for action and at your disposal at your building, during workdays when offices are open.
Emergency hotline available 24/7
Technicians on duty 24/7, who can register your emergency and be dispatched to your building.
Inspections of devices and installations
We supervise the operation, maintain and service the buildings systems, among them: heating, technical heating and air conditioning.
Arrangement of office space
We will prepare on office for you, based on your design or suggest something ourselves, which will make you feel comfortable there.
Plumbing services
Something leaking? Something clogged? Don’t worry, our technicians will take care of your water and sanitation systems.
Electrical services
We will provide that your office always has good lighting and your devices will always have the energy needed to operate.
Specialist measurements
Some measurements have to be done according to the building code laws, we will do this for you with electric, lighting, air flow and sound level measurements.
Maintenance of greenery and outdoor area
We will take care of the surroundings of your office. In spring and summer, we will cut the grass and take care of plants, in winter we will remove snow from roads and parking places.


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